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Filipe Portugal
Masanserstrasse 19
7000 Chur

076 576 36 78

[email protected]

Styles de danse

Ballet | Ballet classique | Barre à Terre | Contemporary Dance | Dance Moderne | Danse enfantine | Modern Jazzdance | Pointe

Filipe Portugal

Filipe Portugal, born and raised in Lisbon, began his dance training at the National Conservatory of Lisbon. His path led him to the National Ballet of Portugal, where he began his professional career before moving to Ballet Zurich. In addition, he works as a freelance choreographer and creates pieces for various dance companies worldwide. Filipe is passionate about teaching dance classes. His commitment, his knowledge and expertise to share with aspiring dancers reflects his devotion to the art form. Recently, Filipe took on a new role as artistic director of "Tanz und Kunst Königsfeden" in Baden, Switzerland. His leadership promises to inspire dancers, ignite creativity and a lively day.